IPK recruitment & selection consulting

Since 1991 we have been providing our Clients with high quality HR services including: recruitment&selection, assessment and executive search.

Our team of experienced recruitment proffessionals assists our Clients in finding, assessing and recruiting best possible candidates for all levels and various types of positions

As a renowned Polish executive search and selection company IPK provides special-ized services across a broad spectrum of industries, specialties as well as lev-els and type of positions, based on the solid and successful practices and the highest operational standards.

We are a team of consultants educated and experienced in management, financ-es, marketing and psychology.

Dealing with the broad range of personnel issues we have been providing our clients with highly professional and confidential consulting services. Search & selection is our core business but we also assist our clients with

  • Executive Outplacement
  • Compact career coaching


    Finding suitable candidates for any type and level positions requires a subtle and re-fined approach.
    Through our network of contacts and personal sources, as well as focused advertising and the direct search method and approaching identified candidates, we are able to find the right candidates while fulfilling all the requirements of professional confidentiality.
    Our methodology consists of the following steps:

    1. Job Description - Candidate’s Profile

    We begin with developing together with our Client a detailed job description, including organizational context, duties and responsibilities, remuneration package.

    The Can-didate Profile including relevant requirements, job experience and qualifications and psychological criteria is thereafter elaborated

    2. Longlisting

    Using our experience, combined with knowledge of the particular business sector and our client's suggestions, we then design the strategy for identifying and contacting potential candidates. This may involve approaching companies that employ specialist and professionals who may be of interest to our client, contacting IPK sources and directly contacting potential candidates.

    3. Selection & shortlisting

    The shortlisted group of candidates subsequently undergo an assessment procedure consisting of multiple interviews and psychological tests.

    To assess applicants for various types and levels of positions we use personality and aptitude/ ability tests devised, validated and standardized on the large representative pool of appplicants for respectively :

  • blue collar

  • middle management

  • top management positions.

    Our testing procedure is composed of:

  • Personality questionnaires which allow to asssess : dynamism, openness, consciousness, self- reliance, interpersonal skills, management skills, work values and motivation
  • Aptitude / ability tests which measure: reasoning (abstract, logical, numerical), data checking ability, problem solving ability, intellectual creativity

    4. Presentation

    As a result, we present the client with a shortlist of at least 3 -5 candidates for the position in question. The presentation involves written reports on the shortlisted candidates including a detailed descriptions of the candidate’s career, opinions and recommendations, and a psychological profile based on the test results.

    At the client’s request, we can check the references of the recommended candidates.

    Candidates for financial accounting, HR nad IT positions can also be professionally assessed by IPK consultants specializing in these areas.

    Our standard conditions:

    Timeframe of the recruitment process covers 2-4 weeks (from signing the contract to presentation of the shortlist)

  • We ensure the 6 - 12 months guarantee

  • We do not charge our clients with any extra costs ( travel costs, tests, etc) unless it is not discussed and agreed separately with the Client.

  • We covenant ourselves to keep off limits of our clients company and not to approach his employees for recruitment purposes

  • We assure you of our full professional commitment, whilst fully observing standards of fair dealing and confidentiality, which form an essential part of our search and selection activity.